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Moisture is a big enemy when fences are concerned. But a proper painting creates a barrier and it will prevent moisture from doing damage to the wood. Weather is a huge factor in determining how often you paint or stain your fence. People in some regions where it's rainy all the time will have to do it much more frequently while those in dry areas can do it less frequently. When it comes to fence painting, a good time in between paintings will be around 2-3 years but you should always check for the shape of your fence and decide yourself. Determine the need for a painting by checking the surface for any cracks, chips, or wear. There are a lot of benefits to painting your fence and some of those are protection from insects, natural elements, and normal wear due to aging. There are a couple of options for fence painting. It can be less expensive but then it will require more frequent maintenance. That also depends on the area you live in. But, high-quality products are a bit more expensive but they will last longer as well. On the other hand, staining is more expensive. Generally, stain absorbs into the wood better compared to paint. Paint will start chipping and peeling after some time while in staining color will just fade over time.

If your brick house is not painted properly then any moisture that seeps in can cause the paint to chip and the worst part is it can damage the bricks over a period of time. I would assume that you probably don't want water to get through any cracks under your paint so proper preparation is crucial. Before painting your brick house you must know that it's a permanent decision. Of course, you can repaint and change the color but you can not go to the unpainted brick. You could, but then you would need to use chemicals or sandblasting to strip the paint off. But even then the bricks will not be going to look like they did when they were original.


When it comes to painting concrete walls of your house, it's much trickier than painting most surfaces because it breathes, transports moisture, and sucks up paint. It also takes a longer period of time to get the job done compared to drywalls for example. You can paint drywall in a day or two but to finish painting concrete you will need a week or more. One of the most important steps is to clean the concrete surfaces first because it tends to trap dirt, oil, and grease. A good way to start is to use a pressure washer to clean it. Masonry paint is an excellent choice for concrete painting since it contains binders that contract and expand with the concrete. Exterior house paint is not a great idea because it can crack and peel on the concrete. The reason why masonry paint works so well on concrete is because it's much thicker compared to exterior paint.

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